oxygen drink maker
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The exclusive Oxygen Shake Maker is a one-of-a-kind, easy to use mixer that has our patent-pending Oxygen Concentrator built in. It takes only a few seconds to make delicious pure oxygen infused drinks. Easy to use and lightweight! Can be used as regular mixer as well.

Shake Maker benefits include:

  • Re-Charge yourself with oxygen shakes! A healthy, natural alternative to caffeine
  • Oxygen Shakes are delicious drinks that are made from OxygenIt Juice and infused with a large dose of pure oxygen
  • Easy to use, portable and makes oxygen-infused drinks in seconds
  • Great addition to daily nutrition and healthy life style

This pure oxygen shake maker helps the body quickly and effectively get rid of the negative consequences of oxygen starvation – it increases the oxygen level throughout your body, revitalizing and raising your performance level. 

The immediate result is a general feeling of wellness from the increased oxygen level, as If you took a long relaxing walk through a gorgeous forest full of ultra fresh air!

All of us regularly see professional athletes breathing pure oxygen to revitalize themselves, now by simply drinking Oxystream oxygen shakes, everyone can have access to the benefits of pure oxygen anytime, any place. 

  • Available only from Oxystream
  • Perfect for gym, spa, restaurant and home use
  • Designed and patent pending in the USA 
  • No carbonation! No caffeine!