Make your own Oxygen Drinks with Oxystream!

Pure oxygen – nature’s natural hangover cure

Oxygen is important for any type of recovery – it kick-starts healing by helping your body to flush out toxins. It takes 3 oxygen molecules to break down one molecule of alcohol. This means that the more oxygen you’re getting the better! People like scuba divers who have lots of access to oxygen tanks have known about this for years. But how do you reap the hangover curing benefits of oxygen if you’re not near a good source? Oxygen bars have started to pop up in major cities but they’re really expensive and you might not want to travel to one when you’ve got a banging headache!

Try oxygen drinks or portable oxygen in a can. It is the easiest way for the general public to use oxygen therapy. One oxygen drink has 1 liter of 90% pure oxygen. This is more than enough to blow away all your hangover symptoms.