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Oxygen to Kill Cancer: What is Oxygen Therapy?

When you mention “oxygen therapy” in the medical community, skeptics like to point out that none have been proven successful in all cases.

However, if there is one thing you can trust the cancer organizations to get right it’s statistics. Their statistics on the mortality rate of cancer proves that traditional therapies aren’t exactly 100% successful either.

The difference between alternative therapies as opposed to the go-to traditional cancer modalities (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) is that they aren’t dangerous. Even if they fail, they aren’t going to add to the problem or kill you.

Unlike chemo and radiation, your body will not be a wasteland that is unable to defend itself from the common cold, much less cancer.

Cancer cells are not like any other cells in the human body. The way they metabolize and create energy for living and multiplication is unique and dangerous. Normal cells love oxygen but cancer cells do not.

A German doctor named Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research proving that cancer cells use a form of non-oxygen metabolism to survive.

Oxygen provides far less fuel for cancer cells than glucose (only 2 energy molecules instead of 36 with sugar). Therefore, filling your body with more oxygen is a smart and safe method to fight cancer.


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