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Oxygen Flow During Pregnancy
Pregnancy can be a joyous time in your life; however, it also can take its toll on your body and be physically difficult for you. Your body needs 20% more oxygen during pregnancy, so increasing your oxygen flow can help improve your and your baby’s overall health.Through deep breathing exercises and activities to increase blood circulation, you can increase your oxygen flow during your pregnancy.
1. Increase the use of your diaphragm while breathing. Many people take short, shallow breaths in their everyday life. This limits your oxygen intake. To increase your oxygen intake, pay attention to how you breathe. If you find that your breaths are short and from the shoulders, you are taking shallow chest breaths. Instead, try to breathe from your diaphragm every couple of breaths, which will pull in more oxygen.

To do this, focus on your breathing. Instead of lifting your shoulders when you breathe, keep them down. Pull your breath into your nose or mouth with your diaphragm, which should push your stomach out.
2. Use deep breathing. If you want to increase your oxygen intake, you can try different breathing exercises, such as deep breathing. To start, lie flat on your back with pillow under your knees and neck to make sure you are comfortable. Place your hands on your belly right below the rib cage, palm down and fingers closed. Breathe in for one long, deep breath. Use the muscles in your belly to expand it out, moving your fingers away from one another as your belly fills with air. Hold it in for a moment, absorbing the oxygen. Then exhale slowly.
  • Repeat this exercise for about five minutes.
  • At first, you may feel dizzy because of all the extra oxygen. If you do get dizzy, take a few normal breaths, then return to this exercise once you feel better.
  • As you get farther along in your pregnancy, it may be harder for you to use your hands for this exercise. If this is the case, just put your hands where it is comfortable and breathe in and out as deeply as you can, watching to see if your belly rises and falls.
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