Make your own Oxygen Drinks with Oxystream!

Oxygen drinks for stress relief
Oxygen not only creates the feeling of a “high,” it relieves anxiety and promotes the body's ability to heal wounds. The air we breath is about 20 percent oxygen, 78 percent nitrogen and less than 0.3 percent carbon dioxide. When more oxygen is delivered to the tissues through the blood the body increases its ability to heal. The purpose of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to force more oxygen into the bloodstream encouraging the body to heal itself.
Oxygen is a well-known physical and mental healer. Aerobic exercise and yoga are known to aid in treating the symptoms of pretty much all mental and physical conditions humans suffer from. Both practices center around the breath and increased oxygen intake. Aerobic exercise, or cardio, means “requires oxygen” and refers to exercise that increases heart rate, blood flow, and therefore produces deep oxygen-delivering breaths to the body. Anyone who enjoys yoga or cardio exercise knows fondly the natural high the workouts create.