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Link Between Oxygen and Athletes

 We have heard of celebrities using oxygen therapy to keep their appearance young but did you know that athletes use it to repair their bodies after working out or after a competition.  Athletes and health professionals know that oxygen is a natural and effective way for the body to repair itself after strenuous activities like working out.  After an athletic competition or intense workout bodies need rest, not just to repair and replenish what they have lost but, to help retain and build the muscle they have gained during activity.

As we mentioned, oxygen helps the body rest.  If you are an active person rest is very necessary for your body to continue to perform at the level you expect.  Oxygen aids in a body receiving a restful and reparative sleep which can be hard for one's physical active person to achieve.  Sleep is one of the most important functions your body can do and athletes tend to have issues due to cortisol and adrenaline preventing them from reaching that restful zzzz.  Oxygen helps quiet the body and lets the cells rejuvenate.

For those who are not going to the gym solely for athletic prowess but also to improve their overall health, oxygen has many great benefits for them in respect to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping their metabolism regulated.  Oxygen allows for the body to regulate its metabolism by helping break down calories into energy.  Each food type needs a specific amount of oxygen to be present in order for it to be able to be broken down and turned into fuel for our bodies.  With bodies having an optimal amount of oxygen present they can efficiently and effectively break down the food we consume into fuel for working out and everyday life.  That means that we won’t have food sitting around in our bodies letting is fats and sugars leech out and increasing out waist lines.   

While we get oxygen every day through breathing, much of that oxygen is polluted.  If you want your body running at an optimal level try an OxygenBoost cocktail which allows your body to take in more oxygen that is free from pollutants.  Whether you’re an athlete or just a person looking to stay healthy these cocktails are a great way to keep you in the FitLife!